-->  02/29/20 Plough & Stars  
Cambridge, MA 4-6pm

​Patty Keough, Gayle Picard, Gail Finnie as 3 Old Chicks


--> 03/20/20 British Beer Co.
Franklin, MA 8-10pm

​ Patty Keough, Gayle Picard, Buffie Groves as 3 Old Chicks

--> 05/14/20 RadioBean
Burlington, VT

Solo Patty Keough set 7-8pm

--> 06/12 & 06/13 Tin Pan Alley Provincetown, MA

    Patty Keough, Buffie Groves, TBD as 3 Old Chicks

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Legends NC

Great night at a great spot in Raleigh, NC. All ladies and drag queens. Be still my heart.